About AI Consulting Group

About AI Consulting Group

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AI Consulting Group delivers the highest calibre Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence advice, resources, and outcomes, supported by a highly-experienced Project Management capability, delivered through our Agile-Scrum-based methodology for maximum project flexibility, velocity and business-aligned outcomes. AICG uses Data, AI, ML, IoT, Predictive Analytics & Advanced nsights to optimise business success. If you are looking for AI and ML opportunities to help your organisation accelerate business growth through technology, get in touch with our management consultant or have our team conduct a Data and AI Think Tank for your executive team.

Predict OHS with Machine Vision

Predict & Prevent OH&S Incidents using Machine Learning, Machine Vision, IoT & Digital Twins

Create a technology-based Safety Culture with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Based, Safety, & Risk Minimisation. Through the integration of digital vision, image pattern recognition, and sensors, identify deviation from required safety standards in personnel, machine operation, and other protocols precursory to most incidents. This capability significantly improves employee safety and protection.

AI Helps Improve Mining Safety

AI Application in Mining

Optimise Operations & Plant Optimise throughput and smart preventive maintenance, Asset Safety, Automated Site Assessments, Risk Culture Engagement and Psychological wellbeing surveys. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive technologies are improving mining safety and employee protection by providing new real-time insights to avoid dangerous situations and establish alerts to immediately mitigate risky conditions.

What’s Your Challenge?

Let AI Consulting Group work with you to find a strategic solution for your Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning requirements.

We have core capabilities across the following domains:

Machine Learning Image RecognitionVoice Analytics Video Analytics Text & Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing Reinforcement Learning Digital Twins Autonomous DecisionsStream AnalyticsAutonomous Control Unsupervised Learning Reporting KPI Monitoring

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