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Data Platform Architects, Business Intelligence Developers, IoT Specialists, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Databricks Engineers, Databricks Consultants, Mulesoft Developers, Mulesoft Architects, Snowflake Consultants, Power BI Developers, Machine Learning Specialists, Artificial Intelligence Specialists, Program/Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Cloud and Infrastructure Specialists, Security Architects, Application Developers, UX & UI Designers, Change Managers, Strategy Consultants

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About AI Consulting Group

AI Group uses Data, AI, ML, IoT, Predictive Analytics & Advanced Insights to optimise business success. We are always thinking about your ROI too. We have a strong team of technical resources with specialised capabilities and experience as well as exceptional customer and business communication skills. AI Consulting Group delivers the highest calibre Data & AI advice, resources and outcomes, supported by a highly-experienced Project Management capability, delivered through our Agile-Scrum-based methodology for maximum project flexibility, velocity and business-aligned outcomes

Approach and Core Capabilities

Opportunity Catalogue

Opportunity Catalogue


  • Site Walkthroughs
  • Data Landscape Maturity Assessment
  • Board Priority Identification
  • Business Priority Identification
  • Operations Research
  • Exploration with SMEs
  • Top 10 Cost Drivers
  • Top 10 Revenue Drivers


  • Opportunity Priority List
  • Opportunity Roadmap
  • Business Case Development
  • Architecture Strategy
  • ROI Assessment
Design Build and Test

Design, Build & Test

  • Security by Design & AD
  • IoT and Edge Considerations
  • Platform Adoption
  • Provisioning Environments
  • Design Workshops
  • Define Architectures
  • Network Design
  • UX Design
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Process Design
  • Application Development
  • SME Validation
  • Information Flow
  • Dev Ops (CI/CD)
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Platform Monitoring
  • Change Management
  • Documentation
AI and Optimisation

AI & Optimisation

  • Reporting
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Dashboards
  • Decision Support
  • Text & Sentiment Analysis
  • Image Recognition
  • Stream Analytics
  • Emotion Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Voice Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Model Optimisation
  • Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Simulations
  • Digital Twins
  • Autonomous Decisions
  • Autonomous Control
Business Transformation

Business Transformation

  • Return on Investment
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Revenue Generation Opportunities
  • Reducing and Optimising Cost
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Increasing Market Share
  • Board & Executive Assurance
  • Risk Advisory and Mitigation

Partnerships & Associations

Minimise Time to Value

People, Resources and Skills

AI Consulting Group can deploy a an expert project team quickly:

Data Platform Architects

Business Intelligence Developers

IoT Specialists

Data Engineers

Data Scientists

Databricks Engineers

Databricks Consultants

Mulesoft Developers

Mulesoft Architects

Snowflake Consultants

Power BI Developers

Machine Learning Specialists

Artificial Intelligence Specialists

Program/Project Managers

Scrum Masters

Cloud and Infrastructure Specialists

Security Architects

Application Developers

UX & UI Designers

Change Managers

Strategy Consultants

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Agile, Scrum Project Management Framework for Maximum Flexibility and Time-to-Value

AI Consulting Group Agile Scrum Delivery

Our Machine Learning Framework

Change Management to Maximise Impact

AI Consulting Group Change Management

Blog Posts

From chatbots replacing face-to-face customer service and computer vision that enforces social distancing, the pandemic has helped realise the value of AI. One of the very few things that the pandemic has not been able to exert its negative influence on is the rate of adoption of AI technology.

The licensing structure of Power BI has enabled Microsoft to reach a broad section of audiences ranging from individual users and hobbyists to medium scale business to large scale enterprises. A Power BI Licencing guide for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Historically, strong insurance performance meant having good products and a good claims service. Recently however, technology, data & AI have become vital to competitive advantage. Some real examples of insurance programs generating genuine ROI.

AI Consulting Group has summarised the key points from 10 articles about the top 2020 CFO trends, so you don’t have to read through each article to understand the key insights! Publishers include Gartner, EY, Forbes, AICG, McKinsey, PWC and more. Links to the full articles are also available below each heading. Downlaod here!

See how the leading Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms have evolved over the last 5 years

PWC, Deloitte, Forrester and Gartner’s findings and AI Consulting Group’s Action Plan for CFOs.

  – Cost Reduction, Scenario Modelling & Agility

  – A Counterintuitive Time to Innovate

Data science is allowing organisations to unearth hidden patterns, trends, and useful insights to accelerate innovation. Using Databricks, it is cost effective, simple, highly elastic, reliable and performant, putting Data Science within reach for organisations large and small.

Today, with a small investment, savvy organisations could (and should) be routinely monitoring and evaluating their financial data in a secure cloud, to automatically produce exception reports which identify cases of potential fraud and errors.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can open up a world of opportunities as airports become more digitally connected and a wealth of data is created and collected.

Gathering requirements on Data and AI projects is vital. When done successfully, it will help delivery and project management teams more accurately understand the scope of the initiative and ensure that the stakeholders will be ultimately satisfied with the result.

Examples of Advanced Analytics,
Optimisation and AI Projects

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