5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is shaping Pubs, Clubs and Hotel Experiences

Modern clubs, pubs and hotels are redesigning the guest experience not only through interior design, music, ambiance and liquid libation but also enhancing client convenience. This includes easy ordering of food, drinks and bottles, personalised service, more upscale and VIP experiences for regular patrons including seamless charging and payment options.

With today’s highly competitive clubbing scene, gone are the days patrons have to flail your hands to get a bartender’s attention and refill a drink. Technology and AI applications have established ways to make the experience fun and seamless. Creating value for both the guests and the business. Here are 5 ways artificial intelligence is shaping and redefining the clubs, pubs and hotel experiences. 

Artificial Intelligence For Clubs and Pubs

Ordering Drinks and Food from the Table

Pubs and Hotels have embraced AI in their operations through, NFC, QR and Ordering Apps which offer not only convenience but a whole host of other benefits too. Guests won’t have to stop dancing, wait in line, get the bartender’s attention to get a drink or their dessert. 


Now, all these can be done with the tap of a finger through ordering apps at the table. Ordering systems such as this not only provide opportunity to upsell – suggest rounds and bottles, prompt for a reorder but can also offer patrons transport home and solicit feedback. Allowing the club to offer more personalised services based on ordering pace, habits, and preferences. 

Artificial Intelligence for Clubs and Pubs

Promotions to Regulars and Members - Personalisation using Machine Learning

With data from visits and purchases, clubs and hotels can push targeted promotions to their patrons. This can include bottle promotion, extended or exclusive happy hour on cocktails, minimum order benefits and next visit specials.


This provides a win-win situation for the venue and the patron, which translates to more revenue opportunities for the club and savings for the patrons.


AI applications not only help in the service and club operation side but also provide highly valuable business benefits in terms of management and back of the house operation – staffing, scheduling, revenue forecasting, and more.

Maximising Efficiency, Predicting Staff Requirements

On a busy day, the last thing you want is being short of hands, lacking extra manning and staff to help serve a throng of patrons which can cause delay in serving drinks or busing out tables. AI’s predictive analytics help identify your most busy days and the appropriate number of staff you will need for the operation given the expected number of patrons.


Using the same predictive capacity, identify the busiest days and appropriately schedule days off and grant vacation days. AI considers many factors including past transactions and operation, holidays, weekends, special occasions, new brand promotion, seasonality and weather.

Minimising Time spent on Forecasting with ML Based Auto Forecasting with SME Overlays

Business executives can save time forecasting revenue with AI’s forecasting capability using historical data for autonomous predictive modelling, executive and SME overlays, and visualisation with adjustments, resulting in consistent forecast scenarios with accurate seasonality and consideration for every important predictive factor.


This free up time to do more important activities to generate more revenue, plan events and design better client experiences.  

Predict and Avoid Wastage

Integrating AI in the club and pub’s inventory management system and POS will ultimately help avoid wastage, improve operation and improve control management. This saves manpower time through automatically handling inventory of ingredients, beverage and liquors, creating vendor orders and maintaining accurate inventory records. 


Manage high pour costs by understanding and comparing recipes vs actual pours so bartenders are mindful. Identify slow moving foods in the inventory so venue managers can create recipes or actively push promotions and specials. Not only will this move slow moving stock out of store room, this will prevent too much stock on hand and avoid expiration (at the same time freeing up cash flow). 

AI for Inventory Management

AI is also using robots and automation to create and serve cocktails or deliver meals. Companies are testing applications and machines that can take orders, accept payments and create and serve cocktails, addressing the shortage of staff in this line of business. 

When you are ready to explore ways for artificial intelligence for pubs and clubs to help you improve operational efficiency, provide better guest experience and more, get in touch with AI Consulting Group. 

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