Benefits of Google Reviews in Building Brand Reputation

Google business review is one cost-effective way to drive leads to the website and gain customer trust in a geographic area where the business belongs. Through reviews, increase brand trust, gain customer feedback and leverage on insights gained from this free online channel.

Generate Brand Awareness

Customers are most likely to recognise a brand when they frequently see brand logo and name. Improving visibility online improves brand recognition and awareness and can help brands stay top of the mind, ahead of the competition.


Google reviews is a free tool business of any size can promote business. With a little effort to encourage customers to share their ratings and feedback online, you can increase brand awareness and boost brand trust and loyalty.

Increase Brand Trust

Today’s customers are tech savvy, they take advantage of technology to do research before making the final decision to buy or engage a business for their services. A staggering 91% of consumers check online reviews, 84% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation and 74% of customers say they trust local business with positive reviews.


Review sites and recommendation sites are making all the difference in the business platform. Local business who would like to have a competitive edge should be onboard Google reviews and encourage customers to share their ratings and feedback.


Apart from the rating and narrative reviews, customers are also able to add images and videos. These visuals add credibility to the reviews and in turn increase brand trust. As customers are able to manage expectations and have a clear visual on what to expect.

Establish Customer Intelligence through Google Business Reviews

Google business reviews is a free tool available in the business page for customers to provide feedback, add images, videos and even 360 photos to businesses they have visited. Organisations who care most  about their customer experience can gain a lot of insights from these feedback. Our Customer Experience and Engagement Analytics for Public Review Data outlines how businesses can use customer feedback to better understand their customers and use that to map out plans to improve and enhance services and products.


Reviews often provide information on a business most popular service or product, most common challenges and areas for improvement and gauge customer perception through most common feedback or point of discussion.


This is also a valuable tool to benchmark against competition and see how the business is fairing in its geographic location. More importantly these reviews and ratings can be used to better understand how business is performing in terms of service, speed of delivery and other factors which can arise based on customer feedback.

Google Review Analytics
Sample Customer Experience and Engagement Analytics
Google Reviews
Sample Customer Experience and Engagement Analytics

Helps with Search Engine Optimization

Google business pages where google reviews are posted is now a very dominant tool in search engine optimisation as it now has a specific place in the search results – the upper right area of the search result page.


Businesses who are on this platform experience high visibility with the google map feature which strategically displays a business address, contact information, link to website and business highlight which includes customer reviews.  


This not only provide people with the most accurate and relevant result it provides free and direct referral link to the business page and website.

Google Business Page Result
Business page result with review highlight

Improve Click Through Tate

Potential customers will be encouraged to visit your website after seeing good Google ratings and reviews. More website visits help inform Google that your business is a reliable and valuable source which can help boost SEO score. Increased number of Google reviews will help increase click-through rate with can drive leads and actionable engagement on your business page.

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