Benefits of NFC and QR Code for Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels

The use of QR code has been on the rise as demand for digital menus, forms, as well as virtual wallets and contactless payment options have become a necessity. Why do more establishments especially restaurants, pubs and hotels are adopting this technology for their operation?


The answer is convenience and connectivity.


Convenience – QR code and NFC don’t require any additional app. Standard camera of smart phones can be used to scan the code to access the information they need. Most importantly it is not restricted by format so the code can link to documents, digital files, forms and more.

Connectivity – QR code systems can be linked to POS, inventory system, payment portal and feedback forms. This integration provides a rich amount of insights from data collected to help shape experiences and improve services.

NFC and QR Codes for Restaurants and Hospitality

Application of NFC & QR Codes in Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels

QR Code and NFC may be applied in various touchpoints of the hospitality operation. Establishments can create a fully digital experience from ordering, payment to receiving feedback all by adopting QR code system.

Digital Menus

From delivery service, curb side pick-up, and dine-in service QR codes can be used by restaurants for digital menu. Customers simply scan the code and view the menu in digital format. Apart from onsite applications, QR code can be added to packaging, cards and other merchandise for clients to access any time should they want to order delivery or as reference for future visit.

Table Ordering

Having the capability to view menu and order from the table as soon as customers are ready is a major convenience many appreciates. Ordering also is an engagement activity for the guest, thus making the experience more memorable.


Ordering from the table eliminates mistakes from order taking as the customer himself is doing it.


On the operator side, this can be linked to their inventory system and POS so cost, sales and availability are all linked and integrated making management easier.

Contactless Payment

Mobile payment system and digital wallets is made available through NFC and QR codes so guests have the option to pay digitally without the need to ask for bill or pay at the cashier.

QR code for restaurants and pubs

Gathering Customer Feedback

Feedback and review mechanism is an integral business development tool. Integrating this in the restaurant or pub’s QR code is an easy, accessible and convenient way to syndicate reviews. If real-time feedback is available management is able to recover unsatisfied guests by addressing any issues in time.

In this age of social media, any negative feedback can be viral in a matter of hours. That’s why service recovery is crucial and all complaints must be professionally handled.

Benefits of integrating QR Codes and NFC in the business

Improve Customer Experience

Customers expect fast, convenient and consistent service. With QR code table ordering improve service time and order accuracy as guests can do the ordering as soon as they are ready without having to wait for service staff to be available especially during peak service hours. Since they have the control of ordering, there will be no error in order taking since guest is the one making the order.


This then free up time for service staff to deliver food, bus tables and engage with customers. With QR payment facility available make payments convenient and contactless.

Reimagine Hospitality

The future of the restaurant and hospitality industry is digital. More and more establishments are investing in integrated technology to shape the customer experience and create a customised digital experience that reflects the brand personality.


To have the ability to inject unique touchpoints throughout the order process and show customer the personality to the brand allows establishments to better connect with the audience and be remembered.


This provides opportunity not only for better customer convenience and improved experiences but also help build brand loyalty.

Cost Saving

The wide adoption of QR codes in operation of most establishments in the last couple of years was due to the need to have less contact ordering and payment as well as to address the shortage of labor. However, owners and management have also seen the positive effect it has on cost. With its digital nature, restaurants and hospitality establishments saves a huge amount on printing cost whenever there are changes in menu items or prices. Changes are also reflected real-time, and if this means an increase in rates, there’s no need to wait for weeks to do so, thus the business doesn’t have to absorb the cost while waiting for changes to be published unlike using printed materials.

Collect Customer Data for Personalisation

Fully integrated QR ordering system and point-of-sale (POS) systems can help business understand their sales and customer preferences better. Providing valuable customer information that is easily accessible in format that is useful and easy to see what products are selling best on certain time/season and which products resonate more to which demographic.

Management can analyse all these data and use the insights for more effective marketing efforts to upsell, offer add-ons and new products to try. This will also allow business to shape the menu and ordering system to better serve customers, directing customers to best sellers, strategically placing specials and other premium items in the menu so they don’t miss it and will be curios to try.

Digitalisation in restaurants, pubs, hotels and other hospitality services are here to stay. The use of QR code such as for ordering, payments and feedback collection will continue to evolve as the technology develops and as establishments innovate to shape a new customer experience.

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