Customer Experience and Engagement


With Google Review Data Integration, understand what your customers are saying about you and your competitors – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some examples are below (see Interactive Power BI Examples). AI Consulting Group will enable your marketing and customer engagement teams to analyse your customer experience across all your sites and all your competitor’s sites in a single dashboard. Actively identify and address issues before they escalate and surface a new metric for customer experience and marketing effectiveness.


Do you currently know the following critical things about your sites?


  1. Understand and Monitor Themes like Price, Venue, Queues & Wait Times, Transport & Convenience, or even industry specific themes like Security or Food & Beverage.
    Biggest customer pain points?
    What are your competitor’s customers complaining about?
    What is the key topic driving 1-star or 2-star reviews?
    Is your customer experience improving, staying the same or getting worse across your sites?
    Average review rating across all sites, by area, by territory manager?​


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Bars, Pubs & Clubs Example
Bars, Pubs & Clubs Example - Sydney CBD and Granville NSW (Click Image)
Retail Example
Retail Example - Vodafone, Telstra, Optus in Sydney CBD (Click Image)
Supermarkets Example
Supermarkets Example - Woolworths, Coles, ALDI, IGA in Sydney CBD (Click Image)
Bank Branch Example
Bank Branch Example - CBA, Westapc, ANZ, NAB in Sydney CBD (Coming Soon)
City and Council Assets Example
City and Council Assets Example - City of Sydney CBD (Coming Soon)
Ski Resort Example
Ski Resort Example - Australian and US Ski Resorts (Coming Soon)


  1. Site ratings for venus, stores, locations (1-5).
    Review data and comments (text).
    Visit frequency data.
    Count of ratings/comments by day, week, month (over time).
    Price perception data.
    Photos and images.
    All of the above for competitor sites.

Key Technologies and Processes

Collect and Centralise the Data – Google Review Data Integration


  1. Compare your sites to each other and to competitor sites.
    Conversation topic and sentiment analysis to proactively address large volumes of customer feedback.
    Understand local competitor pain points to enable proactive, conversion-focused advertising to increase market share.
    Understand perception of your price vs the competition.
    Understand how existing marketing activities are affecting visitor engagement and experience.
    Monitor and analyse photos posted by reviewers.
    Map and visualise results based on location and day/time.
    Monitor and analyse photos posted by reviewers.

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