Improve Efficiency & Safety in Mining using Drones and Robots

The advancement in technology has led to further development of remote controlled as well as autonomous robots and drones which have a wide variety of use cases across different industries. These assets are now equipped with powerful cameras, lighting system, sensors, navigation capability and more.

The high-risk and high-cost nature of mining operations means that the industry has one of the highest potentials to leverage the advancement of this technology. Benefits of utilising drones and robots in the different stages of its operation from unmanned surveys and explorations, to operations and machinery monitoring, as well as post operation surveys for environmental rehabilitation, ultimately reducing both risk and time requirements/resources.

Drones and Robots Use Cases

Mining Exploration

Ground Survey

Stopes Inspection and Monitoring

Blast Zone Monitoring

Conveyor Belt Inspection

Pit Survey and Calculations

Inspections in Confined Spaces

Environmental Rehabilitation Survey (post-mining operations and closed sites)


Capture Quality Data

Establish Live Feed

Create 3D Maps, Topography Map and Digital Twins


Increased Operational Efficiency

Reduce time required to capture information, improved data collection, and faster decision making.

Cost Saving

Reduce downtime for repairs and preventive maintenance and faster response time for repairs. Lower deployment cost compared to other methods.

Improved Health and Safety

Reduce risks for employees conducting high-risk tasks or entering dangerous areas and remove the potential for injury.

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