Intervene and Prevent Potential Incidents


Intervene and Prevent Incidents, Saving Lives.


Leverage AI, ML and Data to create a technology-based safety culture. Through integration of Machine Vision, Roster Optimisation and Edge-IoT initiatives, create a holistic approach to monitor, prevent, intervene and mitigate incidents in the workplace.


Establish real-time warnings and alerts to the employee and manager when certain safety risks are detected allowing immediate intervention such as removing employee from the environment temporarily and addressing the risks on the spot.


Preventive measures can be integrated through staff retraining, tests, and regular implementation of refreshers and retraining questionnaires.


Ultimately reduce and minimise risk related to human error through smart rostering.

Data Requirements

Industry and Company Standards

Environmental Data

Records and Incident Reports

HR & Timesheet Data

Key Strategies and Technology

Train Artificial Intelligence to identify certain events and key features from information sources – video, audio, sensors.

Live stream data to enable alerting of safety infractions in real-time.

Use machine learning and predictive analytics to combine features from video, IoT data, and HR data to identify opportunities to mitigate safety risks.

Identify environmental variables that increase the risk of incidents.

Establish automated alerts & warnings for intervention sent to employees and managers.


Reduced OH&S incidents through predictive analytics.

Safe work environment for employees and customers.

Technology based real-time and automated alerts &intervention process.

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