Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics for the Modern CFO

Reduce forecasting and budgeting time/effort by up to 80% whilst improving accuracy and consistency.

CFOs are using Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to slash forecasting and budgeting time/effort by up to 80%, whilst improving accuracy and consistency and even facilitating out-of-cycle re-forecasting.


This is being achieved by using historical data for autonomous predictive modelling, executive and SME overlays, and visualisation with adjustments, resulting in consistent forecast scenarios with accurate seasonality and consideration for every important predictive factor.


Predictive models are customised to factor in elements internal and external to your organisation including demographics and global economic factors. We fine-tune predictions with more context than ever before, and accurately forecast for coming periods.


A base forecast is in an always-ready-state for your immediate re-forecasting needs; especially useful in uncertain times.

Data and Factors Considered

Featurisation and Modelling Process

Featurisation and Modelling ML for CFO


Example of Automated Seasonal Daily Forecast with Growth Uplift

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