Strategic Data and AI Think Thank (Opportunity Catalogue)

Opportunity Catalogue (& Virtual Innovation Workshops)

Expose the 'Art of Possible' with Data and AI

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    The Opportunity Catalogue experience exposes our clients to the ‘Art of the Possible’ and then converges actionable Priority Lists, Roadmaps, Business Cases and Technology Strategies to accelerate innovation progress.


    Our facilitators draw upon principles of design thinking in a judgement free, physical space to expose innovation through idea generation, interaction and rapid prototyping.


    Workshops are technology-free, ideation sessions conducted by experienced facilitators. AI Consulting Group specialists then overlay a technology lens of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT and Predictive Analytics to accelerate success.

    Activities and Workshops

    Format and Process

    Site Walkthroughs and Workshops will be planned carefully, then conducted over a short period of 1-3 days.

    During Site Walkthroughs, AI Consulting Group consultants will use experience from prior clients and projects to identify physical opportunities to exploit. The likely outcome is measurement opportunities using IoT and/or AI.


    Workshops will also be conducted with different SME groups and stakeholders to facilitate idea generation, interaction and rapid prototyping. AI Consulting Group will use prior experience and knowledge to inject concepts and thoughts into discussion to help expose pain-points and discover opportunities to innovate through technology.

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