Transaction Analytics in Mining

Financial monitoring in a mining operation is as complex as the stages of operating one as it involves substantial capital expenditure with revenue dependent on several dynamic factors such as production level, the value of ores and assets, cost of mining and milling, and transportation requirements.


Mining companies have multiple transactions ranging from grading ore, the prices received for metals, costs per ton for mining and milling, costs per foot for development, upward or downward tendencies in costs, ore settled or in transit, cash on hand, stocks of supplies on hand, and labor costs. With most costs and values dynamic, they are in a critical position to put in place modern transaction monitoring to avoid fraud, better manage costs, and improve revenue.


Large individual transaction volumes and the permeation of fraud and processing errors demand secure, scalable solutions, able to handle growing transaction data estates, and the need for unprecedented levels of monitoring and testing.


Modern mining transaction analytics augments the CFOs operations with super-human memory, processing power, and insights to generate timely, consistent, deliberate, and reliable analytics for a greater chance of success. Monitoring can be run off-site (for separation of duties) or deployed internally to trusted teams.

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