Video, Image & IoT Based Optimisation


Mining Circuits and Resource Extraction Circuits are being optimised by using a combination of Video and Image data, IoT data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


The data collected from video and images are being combined with IoT telemetry to optimise throughput.


Collected data will also lead to an ability to predict downtime events and failures resulting in greater uptime and greater production efficiency.


Given the high volume of material through these circuits, even small percentage improvements in throughput and production efficiency are resulting in millions of dollars of profit being added to the bottom line.


Data can be processed in real-time on IoT Edge devices in zero-trust or low connectivity environments, with insights sent into the cloud for aggregation and modelling improvement as needed.

Data Collected

Circuit Data

Historian Data

Key Technologies and Processes

Collect and Centralise the Data

Transform the Data into Useful Insights and Predictors

Realtime Machine Monitoring and Alert


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