Databricks and AI Consulting Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Databricks and AI Consulting Group Announce Strategic Partnership

Sydney, Australia – January 15, 2020 – AI Consulting Group is excited to announce a partnership with Databricks, the leader in Unified Data Analytics. This partnership will amplify AI Consulting Group’s ability to deliver data-driven solutions powered by the Databricks platform and better enable customer success.

Azure Databricks is a central data processing, integration and data science platform. It provides a fully managed cluster architecture, able to automatically provision and de-provision nodes as needed to execute activities developed in Python, R, SQL, Scala or Java. The service unifies data engineering and data science disciplines, including machine learning, enabling collaborative development practices and full task scheduling. Databricks protects data at every level with a unified security model featuring fine-grained controls, data encryption, identity management, rigorous auditing, and support for compliance standards.


With the help of Databricks, AI Consulting Group will help organisations operationalise data science and make generate predictive insights. As a result, these organisations will innovate faster and tackle more difficult challenges.


“Databricks accelerates Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for our clients by consolidating compute and analytical layers and combining the power of Python, R, Scala, SQL and Java. It is already the foundation of each of our Data Science projects, since it scales incredibly, reduces development time and simultaneously decreases cost for our clients” – Hari Veerakumar, Technical Lead at AI Consulting Group


AI Consulting Group consultants are experts using the Databricks platform, with real world applications being leveraged at several clients. With a massive proportion of highly skilled Databricks developers including data engineers, data scientists and management consultants, AI Consulting Group is uniquely placed to deliver your data science based, predictive, artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT solutions.

Limited Time Offer to New Customers

To promote the Databricks and AI Consulting Group Partnership, we are giving away 3 days’ free consulting and development time to accelerate your Databricks journey.

Contact AI Consulting Group now to book your consultant (subject to availability).

Fixed Price Consulting

With extensive experience in the Data & AI consulting and delivery space, AI Consulting Group is uniquely placed and able to quote fixed prices for outcomes-based projects, which guarantees delivery on-time and within budget.


Contact AI Consulting Group now to secure your project outcome at a fixed price.

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