Smart Control for Industrial IoT using LoRa and LoRaWAN

Wireless technology is a hot topic in the industrial industry attracting interest for its adoption due to various promising benefits. With the ability to host a large-scale IoT application at reasonable cost, LoRaWAN and LoRa adoption is anticipated to grow steadily.

Industrial operation has a lot to benefit from adoption and deployment of IoT sensors for monitoring and automation functions. LoRa-based sensors and devices provide always-on monitoring with its long range, long battery life and low power requirement for manufacturing plants and mobile industries. Through a LoRaWAN network critical data can be relayed to analyse and optimise business operation.

There are various device and wireless connectivity options available in the market. Among the important factors to consider when adopting a wireless technology solution are:

Benefits of adopting LoRa and LoRaWAN for industrial IoT

Use Cases

Asset and Facility Monitoring

Industrial IoT solution delivers a clear picture on how assets are performing and utlilised using telemetry and geolocation data. Sensors enhance visibility into physical spaces for IT and operational technology environments. Using geolocation, monitor and track assets and their location to enhance operational efficiency, prevent theft, and improve logistics.

Environmental Monitoring: 24-hour monitoring and overview of the environmental condition.

Collect environmental data from offices and warehouses facilities that could work within a steel and concrete building facility with large steel racks and constant people and object movements within the environment. LoRaWAN sensors can be used to measure temperature and humidity, closed/open door status, lighting levels, and occupancy. With the LoRaWAN network private information is recovered and sent to a SCADA system for visualisation and archiving.

Factory Automation

Connect Modbus data to a private LoRaWAN network to recover data from remote assets with intelligent sensors which can be kilometers away through concrete walls, buildings and other solid obstructions in between. Eliminate large cabling cost and manual data recovery scheme that often results to various errors when introduced to the systems.

Production Forecasting

Agricultural fields and greenhouses can benefit from LoRa and LoRaWAN especially for sites on remote locations without land line connection and cabling in the site is uneconomical. LoRa can collect climatic data such as wind speed and direction, temperature, rainfall, and solar radiation. It can also be used to get status from different points around the greenhouse structures.

Using soil sensors get soil information and sent to LoRaWAN network to be interfaced with climatic sensors. This results to improved production and logistics efficiency to provide production forecast insight from greenhouse environment using big data analysis.

Smart Industrial Management

Remotely monitor equipment and vehicles to manage resources. Sensors can be developed to automatically conduct electrical current testing and temperature reading, monitor steam traps and water meter and geographically track heavy equipment such as forklift, diesel tankers, back hoes, trucks, and concrete mixers.

Condition Monitoring for Ships

Collect accurate data from ship assets such as machinery and engine condition, environmental measures, asset location, and leak monitoring. Data collected is used to perform and track preventive maintenance, risk reduction of ship grounding and incidents.

CO2 Level Monitoring in Workplaces

Leveraging on LoRaWan and LoRa-based CO2 sensors installed in office buildings and workplaces, measure ventilation, ensure adequate natural air levels, control noise level and improve overall aspects of employee well-being.

Connectivity According to Business Case

Selecting a connectivity solution can be a challenging decision to make especially given the wide array of IoT solutions available. AI Consulting Group is a trusted expert advisor on IoT to help enterprise and organisations achieve their ROI and reach full business potentials through IoT solutions.

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