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Make video systems smarter with AI and Video Analytics

Video analytics software and solution utilise both computer vision and machine learning to add structure to video footage and make sense of it according to a specific purpose. Designed to help businesses identify and structure video feeds accurately to reduce cost, improve processes, maximise efficiency and make data-driven decisions.


Video Analytics in Artificial Intelligence provides a range of solutions across different fields and industries such as transportation and traffic management, security and surveillance, crowd management, healthcare, and retail.

Advancement in deep learning has led to introduction of task automation in real-time video analytics. This brough development of application for facial recognition, smart parking, plate recognition and crowd management through counting actual number of people at events.

Intelligent Video Analytics is used to automatically recognise events both spatial and temporal. This includes instances us as suspicious movements, not following traffic signs, and sudden appearance of smoke and flames.

Use-Cases and Industry Applications of Video Analytics

Hospitals, health care facilities and medical institutions invest in video surveillance systems to ensure patient, staff, and visitor safety. Drug diversion, infant abduction and theft are among common medical and health care problems addressed by video surveillance systems.


Business goals can be achieved by optimizing video analytics for insights such as determining ways to shorten wait times by analysing traffic data, monitoring patient care and creating alerts when patient has not been checked according to schedule and frequency.


In mental healthcare facilities, video analytics is used to analyse facial expressions, body language and posture to assist clinicians for patient evaluation.

Occupational Health and Safety

Large industries that have high-risk tasks and require 24/7 monitoring and PPE compliance rely on machine vision and video analaytics software to monitor PPE compliance and safety monitoring to ensure employee safety.

Video Analytics supports the increasing business requirement for security and surveillance, productivity, safety and healthcare. There are various opportunities for application and use-cases to improve the monitoring process, decrease the pressure on control and protection, and help find additional insights from rich media content.

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