IoT Help Industries to Cut Back on Energy Use

The IoT revolution has made headway in various industries including manufacturing, transportation, retail, and mining. IoT-based real-time monitoring systems are helping these industries in many aspects of the operation and more commonly in optimizing energy usage and reducing costs.

Sydney Train looks to IoT to cut back energy use

Sydney’s Downer-operated trains are looking to reduce electricity consumption through the use of IoT sensors onboard trains to optimize systems based on their passenger load, weather conditions, and timetables.


By utilizing IoT sensors, it collects thousands of data points every 10 minutes. Some sensors have been in use since 2018 to help in real-time crowd estimates. Each new train in service provides a rich amount of information that can be used to analyze the energy requirement of the train operation.


The aim of the project is to get to a point where each individual train system can be adjusted based on performance. This includes power and traction system on the train as well air conditioning system – in real-time depending on the passenger load, timetable demand, and weather conditions outside. Sydney Trains and NSW Trainlink account for nearly 1.3 percent of the state’s electricity consumption.

IoT to cut energy use

IoT sensors reveal ways for manufacturers to cut energy usage​


In a manufacturing setting, IoT usually comprises of network-connected sensors, timers, switches and valves, machines, conveyor systems, data management, and analysis systems.


In industrial energy consumption for the machinery, both the demand charge and consumption charge loads must be reduced to make each process more energy efficient.


Plant managers can identify areas of energy loss and take appropriate action given the data from IoT. Real-time usage alerts and usage patterns are available in real-time to get insights to prepare concrete optimization plans. It’s also easy to recommend proper motor sizing to increase energy and production efficiency. Similarly, IoT is helping improve HVAC systems in manufacturing plants.


IoT not only collects data but transforms this information to actionable insights so businesses can use it to make data-driven business decisions.

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