KPI Reporting and Monitoring: Interactive Dashboard

Move away from static business reporting with interactive dashboard for KPI reporting.

Today’s data-rich business environment supports so much information that a dashboard software for KPI reporting has become a valuable resource. Having an interactive single screen to visualize data and insights has become a business necessity.


Businesses must understand their audience, collate relevant business information, analyse it and leverage on the insights to make strategic decisions.  This is how tracking KPI and making sure information is presented in useful format comes in. Thus, having a KPI reporting tool is essential to help streamline the process and the data presented.

KPI Reporting

KPI is a management tool to measure, organise and analyse key business performance indicators helping organisations understand current business standing, identify strengths, weeknesses and trends to help strategise to reach business goals.


Modern KPI reporting is presented using interactive dashboard, a visual report presentation that provides information on data associated with each performance indicator.

Interactive Dashboard

A dashboard’s main purpose is to simplify the presentation and analysis of data from massive information collected on a daily basis.


An interactive dashboard is a data management tool that tracks, analyse, monitor and visually present key metrics while providing the user interactive data. This gives them opportunity to drill down on each metric for better understanding of root cause, enabling them to make well-informed, data-driven business decision.

Sample KPI Reporting in Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Benefits of Reporting using Interactive Dashboard

Increased Speed in Accessing Information and Insights

Speed in accessing information is crucial in today’s fast-speed digital age. With modern reporting tools, real—time data and information is provided by business intelligence tools. Doing away from manual uploading of data and updating visuals when using traditional reporting tools.

Improved Productivity for Users

The amount of information collected and analysed today is staggering. The rise of business intelligence tools such as Power BI and Tablue has enables users to increase productivity due to easy availability of information and insights. Its interactive nature provides users access to real-time data enabling relevant and informed business decision making.

Agility for Decision-Making

With the ability to provide different perspective and view points in just a few clicks provide users interactive analytic powers necessary for critical business decisions. Get detailed information, zoom in and out and add as much parameters to provide you with necessary information. With up-to-date and real-time data, executives are on top of the business situation all the time to make critical decisions.

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