Machine Learning Consultants and Developers

Machine Learning Consultants and Developers

Fixed Price/Outcomes or T&M Consultants Available Immediately
AI Consulting Group specializes in Machine Learning Consulting and Development, delivered through agile Scrum-based methodology for flexibility, velocity, and business aligned outcome.
Supported by highly-experienced Project Management capability, let our expert Machine Learning Consultant, Machine Learning Architect, or Machine Learning Engineer, create strategic, operational solutions that deliver tangible business results.

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    I’m looking for:

    Machine Learning Consultant

    Design organizational success with our tactical expertise to recommend analytics model, implementation roadmap, develop strategies aligned to your organization’s objectives, and achieve targets using the most-cost effective and value-packed solutions.

    Machine Learning Architect

    Architecting your ML platform on the cloud to enable powerful and scalable data science solutions. Masterfully architect Data Lakehouse platforms on your Azure, AWS, and GCP tenancies machine learning ROI.

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Create machine learning models and retraining systems to create self-running AI software to automate predictive models while improving through time and experience. Deliver tactical solution for data integration, storage, and presentation.

    Project Manager

    Plan for success and let experienced Project Managers shape the trajectory of your projects from inception to completion using our carefully developed and honed Agile-Scrum delivery framework, reducing cost, optimising development velocity, and maximising quality and outcomes.

    What’s Your Challenge?

    Let AI Consulting Group work with you to find Strategic Solutions to make your Data & AI Projects & Outcomes a Success.

    We have core capabilities across the following domains:

    Machine Learning Image RecognitionVoice Analytics Video Analytics Text & Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing Reinforcement Learning Digital Twins Autonomous DecisionsStream AnalyticsAutonomous Control Unsupervised Learning Reporting KPI Monitoring

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