Microsoft Teams for the Modern Classroom and Remote Education

Microsoft Teams for the Modern Classroom and Remote Education

Microsoft Teams & the Modern Classroom

Improve classroom and school collaboration with Microsoft Teams – free for your entire school.

The new classroom experiences in Teams will help teachers manage their daily workflow more easily than ever before. Using Teams, they can quickly and efficiently create classes with automatically populated student rosters from their school information system; share files and teaching materials; make announcements; divide the class into project groups and monitor progress; create, distribute and grade quizzes; deliver personalised learning with OneNote Class Notebooks; and distribute, collect and grade assignments. And because Teams is a digital hub, students can work together anytime, anywhere, and on any device; teachers can connect with their peers and continue their own development in learning communities; and school administrators can communicate and collaborate with their entire staff.

Make sure your students are technologically equipped to not miss out on school, mitigate against cold and flu outbreaks and more serious events like Coronavirus, and make learning options available for injured or travelling students and teachers.

Migrate to, or Implement Teams with the help of AI Consulting Group

AI Consulting Group is an experienced Microsoft delivery partner with a proven Teams deployment framework in the Education space. We provide comprehensive strategies for Teams as well as the broader Microsoft cloud ecosystem. AI Consulting Group also takes care of your Change Management including  impact assessment, adoption, training, governance and post-go-live support.


We recommend rolling out Teams in stages, workload by workload, as your school/organisation is ready. You don’t have to wait until you’ve completed one step before you move to the next. Some schools/organisations may want to roll out all Teams features at once, while others may prefer a phased approach. Here are the Teams workloads, in the order we recommend rolling them out:


The Modern Classroom 2.0

  • Chatbots
  • Online Collaboration
  • Forms for Exams
  • Live Data Collection
  • Resource Sharing

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