What is Power BI Premium Gen2?

Power BI Premium Gen 2 is the latest improvement released by Microsoft Power BI which brings significant improvement to its previous version. Gen2 introduces improved set of features and architecture updates including enhanced performance, greater scale, improved metrics, and faster processing including faster query for key reports.

Premium Gen2 now offers license flexibility per user or capacity. This enables administrators to automatically add compute capacity to avoid slowdowns under heavy use, using Autoscale and provide consistent and reliable cost management with utilisation metrics.

Power BI Premium Gen2 allows unified self-service analytics and enterprise BI for every user and organization.

Flexibility to license by capacity or by user

Up to 16x performance boost

Automatically add capacity when needed

Consistent and reliable cost-management

Game Changing Features

Power BI Premium Gen2 offers these improved experiences:

Greater Scale

Improved Streamline Metrics


Reduced Management Overhead

Other Enhancements and Features in Gen2


Each Power BI user has a personal workspace known as My Workspace. Additional workspaces known as workspaces can be created to enable collaboration.


Capacity Nodes

The amount of memory available on each node size is set to the limit of memory footprint of a single artifact, and not to the cumulative consumption of memory.



There is no limit on the number of refreshes running per v-core. Schedule and run as many refreshes as required at any given time, and the Power BI service will run those refreshes at the time schedule.



Premium Gen2 intends to simplify monitoring and management. It aims to assure that everything is running properly and only alerts users if they must act, such as requiring attention to correct over usage or if more resources are required.

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