Predict OH&S Incidents using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Shift from reactive to proactive safety and incident management by creating a technology-based safety culture with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Minimise risks, prevent incidents, improve safety scores and overall Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) ratings by integrating real-time monitoring and alerts into operation.  With predictive analytics and optimisation, identify hazards and establish dynamic risk profiles to improve working conditions and immediately intervene and mitigate potential risks.


By creating an integrated and holistic safety program using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have a real-time and dynamic safety net to protect employees and assets.  

AI & ML-Based Safety & Risk Minimisation


Monitor Real-time IoT and Machine Vision-based alerts (including personal protective equipment, hazards, and mobile equipment risk) to ensure safety compliance. Use Digital Twins for real-time visualisation and scenario modeling.


Predict OH&S incidents by creating forward-looking machine learning-based ‘Dynamic Employee Risk Profiles’ to calculate employee’s chances of being involved in an incident on any upcoming day.


Prevent incidents by retraining, proactively removing employees from potentially dangerous situations, and sending live compliance alerts to employees to immediately eliminate dangerous working conditions.

Predict & Prevent OH&S Incidents using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Vision, Monitoring, & Alerts

Predict Incidents

Dynamic Risk Profile
Simplified Dynamic Risk Profiling

Monitor proper use of safety equipment

Understand complex video events in real-time

Machine Vision-Based Monitoring

Other Predictive Analytics & Optimisation Use Cases in Safety

Predict Events Using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Asset Monitoring and Safety Optimisation

Predictive Analytics and Optimisation

Create a technology-based Safety Culture using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 


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