Spatial Data

Spatial data brings Power BI to the physical world by using nothing more than a mobile device.

Power BI reports to the objects in the real world that you want to measure—for example, telemetry coming out of the machines in your factory or sales results in your retail locations.

Power BI Mobile feature uses augmented reality to create spatial anchors in the real world and attach Power BI data to them, so that data can be connected to the physical environment it describes.

With spatial data, you can connect your business data to your real-world scenarios, such as facility management, manufacturing, or retail. Employees can then easily discover and use it for better, and more informed decision-making.


Think about a facility management scenario, where a building manager can pin reports showing the status of various areas in the building as collected from multiple sensors and data sources, such as air quality, temperature, floor occupancy, etc. Later, these reports can be discovered by the building attendant or by the building operations staff when visiting that area, simply by using their Power BI Mobile app.

Data in Space - Power BI Mobile

Practical Business Application of Data in Space


Store managers can monitor departmental sales, inventory level, and customer satisfaction scores by anchoring their reports to certain sections of the stores. This can be helpful in making sure there is always a management presence on the floor without losing the capacity to see numbers and status of operation. 


Productivity, demand, efficiency, and machine performance made available through data in space can be very useful for managers and supervisors. By anchoring these metrics on certain production lines and areas, they can have real-time status they will need to adjust and monitor operation. 

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

There are various applications for data in space for hospitals and medical facilities. This can be on patient care schedule, supplies and medicine inventory management, staff scheduling, operating room usage, and schedule as well as floor status and cleaning schedule. 

Mining Assets

Machinery, trucks, and conveyor telemetry Power BI report can be anchored on machine visuals. This can be used to monitor real-time machine performance and status. Supervisors can use mobile to read reports on the spot and make necessary adjustments immediately. 

Warehouse and Inventory Management

The complex nature of warehouse and inventory management is a good avenue to apply data in space. Anchoring inventory movement, transport schedule, deadlines, and more, managers and supervisors can have access to reports on the floor for easy reference anytime they need insights and data. 

Data in Space

Azure spatial anchors technology enables the app to understand spaces, mark specific places of interest, and remember those points of interest. It then allows the app to search space and look for anchors created in that space.


By using the Azure Spatial Anchors service, it is possible for one device to read a spatial anchor created in space by another device, thus creating a real cross-device experience.

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