Strategic Data & AI Think Tank

The Strategic Data & AI Think Tank is a full day workshop to map out ROI-based AI/ML Opportunities, establish Implementation Outlines, and identify Practical Next Steps for any organization aimed at starting or maturing their Data and AI journey.


It is conducted by AI Consulting Group’s Management Consultant and Senior AI/ML specialist along side your organisation’s executives to align business value with AI Opportunities, converge actionable Priority Lists, Draw Opportunity Roadmaps, Identify Business Use Cases and Technology Strategies to accelerate innovation progress.

Facilitated Strategic Data & AI Think Tank Session

The first step to this Data & AI Journey is a facilitated Think Tank. Covering a Strategic Data and AI Think Tank Introduction and understanding what is Data and AI.


Ideas to Improve or Leverage Top Cost Drivers and Revenue Drivers. 


Data Landscape Maturity Assessment to understand any quick wins available from a data perspective including exposing existing data, creating reports and dashboards, and collecting at the same time centralising data that is currently not being effectively leveraged.


Ideas from SMEs to improve operations, including exploring current pain points and existing unleveraged ideas. Through this session, AI Consulting Group will use prior experience and knowledge to inject concepts and thoughts into discussions to help expose pain-points and discover opportunities to innovate through technology.

Opportunity Roadmap

The Opportunity Catalogue identifies key Data & AI opportunities for the organisation. These range from ‘Very Easy’ to ‘Difficult’ opportunities with a number of options that will generate immediate ROIs and/or significant positive impact for the organisation. The idea is to choose the Opportunity Sweet Spot and leverage on good opportunities that will address needs within the business.

Strategic Data & AI Think Tank
Opportunity Catalogue

These opportunities will take the team to an advanced level of Data and AI maturity whilst giving the organisation a new level of insight into operations. Allowing an organisation to make deliberate and intuitive future operational decisions.

Choosing the Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is a low cost, high impact opportunity which organisations new to Data & AI can begin with to develop an implementation and project rhythm well as proving value to the organisation, executive and board, whilst minimising risk.

Typically, organisations see these opportunities as a ‘quick win’ and will tend to invest in a number of these opportunities (or all of these opportunities) immediately.

Strategic Roadmap Presentation and Understanding Next Steps

The last step is the presentation of findings from the Strategic Data & AI Think Tank & Roadmap Presentation.


The output delivered, ‘Opportunity Roadmap’ will address each opportunity or innovation idea and suggest how the problem could be solved using technology, data, and/or artificial intelligence. The suggested solutions will be high level summaries including cost guides and technology requirements.


This session will also identify and present next steps, if any.

Start your Data & AI journey with the Strategic Data & AI Think Tank. Contact AI Consulting Group to know more on how you can get started. 

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