Tableau Consultant, Developer, and Architect

Tableau Consultant, Developer, and Architect

Fixed Price/Outcomes or T&M Consultants Available Immediately

Promote a culture of analytics within your organization. We can help you leverage Tableau’s cost-saving, governance driven, and self-service analytics features. We’ll help you build a scalable and standardized data warehouse that supports your business insight demands. Tableau platform helps turn your data into insights that drive action.

The key to the success of Tableau deployment is for the users of the team to leverage its strengths to generate insights.

Accelerate your Tableau Adoption

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    Tableau Services

    Accelerate Adoption

    Accelerate your adoption & usage of Tableau. Increase your speed to insights with the support of our expert Tableau specialist, developer, and architect.

    Intuitive Dashboards

    Our Tableau Specialist and data visualization expert leverage Tableau design tools and templates that result in highly intuitive user experiences.

    Implementation Support

    Our Tableau Developers and Architect will help you with end-to-end support and integration with Tableau from start to finish.

    Why Tableau?

    Big Data Requirements

    Exploring and analyzing big data translates information into insight. However, the scale, growth, and diversity of data can prove too much for some dashboards to handle. Tableau works closely with leaders in the data management space to support any platform that their customers employ.

    Easy Collaboration

    Tableau’s user-friendly design makes it easy to design, deploy, secure, and collaborate throughout your organization. Use certified data sources and dashboards to share personal insights with others on your team to ensure the most accurate representation of your data is being visualized.

    Data-Driven Environment

    When data is critical to your business, your analytics platform needs to be secure, governed, scalable, and reliable. From compliance and security to management and monitoring, with Tableau’s robust collection of data connectors, you are set to connect to just about any system right out of the box.

    Key Tableau Features

    What’s Your Challenge?

    Let AI Consulting Group work with you to find a strategic solution for your business intelligence and analytics requirements.

    We have core capabilities across the following domains:

    Machine Learning Image RecognitionVoice Analytics Video Analytics Text & Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing Reinforcement Learning Digital Twins Autonomous DecisionsStream AnalyticsAutonomous Control Unsupervised Learning Reporting KPI Monitoring

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