Video Analytics and Machine Vision Consultants

Video Analytics and Machine Vision Consultants

Fixed Price/Outcomes or T&M Consultants Available Immediately

An emerging technology solution, Machine Vision and video analytics is a deep learning process used on live videos or images that have been collected from different sources real-time.

Industries such us manufacturing, construction, production and more are reaping the benefits of Machine Vision and Video Analytics in various aspects of operation.

Let our Consultants’ expertise assist your organization in integrating this solution for your operation.

AI Consulting Group’s experienced consultants provide Project and Process Assessment with technical, commercial, and practical advice on new and existing projects. Assess the viability of a potential machine vision project, specification writing, and recommends improvement of existing vision systems to achieve greater reliability and increased longevity.

Resolve Major Industry Challenges with Machine Vision and Video Analytics

    I’m looking for:

    Image Recognition and Machine Vision Based Monitoring​

    Safety Equipment, PPE

    (Hard Hats, High Visibility Vests, Eye Protection, etc.)​ 


    Hazardous Material Security

    (Locks, Unauthorised Access, Appropriate Safety Equipment)​


    Dust, Liquid Spills, Trip Hazards​


    Proximity Detection​


    Poor Mobile Equipment Practices

    What’s Your Challenge?

    Speak with AI Consulting Group’s Video Analytics and Machine Vision Consultants to assess the best solution to leverage computer vision and enable enhanced organizational performance.

    We have core capabilities across the following domains:

    Machine Learning Image RecognitionVoice Analytics Video Analytics Text & Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing Reinforcement Learning Digital Twins Autonomous DecisionsStream AnalyticsAutonomous Control Unsupervised Learning Reporting KPI Monitoring

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